Patience Lead Us Out

by Akita-Ken

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released April 23, 2013

Album Cover photography by Alyx Jacobs. Layout by Ryan McKeever.

Drums parts created and performed by Cody Bailey.
Bass parts created and performed by Brad Moore.
Guitar parts created and performed by Chris Atkins.
Vocals and lyrics written and performed by Chris Atkins, except "Black and Laced" written by Chris Atkins and Cody Bailey.
Background vocals performed by Chris Atkins.
Background shouts performed by Brad Moore.
Most background tracks created, programmed, and/or performed by Cody Bailey and Chris Atkins. Some background tracks created and performed by Brad Moore.
Produced mostly by Cody Bailey. Partially produced by Chris Atkins and Brad Moore.

Recorded and mixed by Cody Bailey at his home studio, Bailey Recording, in Omaha, NE.

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, in Omaha, NE.

Thank you very much to:
All of our fans for supporting us.

Everyone who used to work at the Rock (Derek Ferell, Brad Streeter, Charlie, Deryck Stanek, and others) in Papillion (no longer open), for giving our band great opportunities to open for national and international acts. We learned a lot on that stage and it was because of you guys and your advice.

All the local bands that we used to play with OR see that inspired us so much...
Nifty 250, Hot From Far, White Collar Mercy, Mike Harvat and the Perfect Paradox, Tim Wildsmith, O Lovelle, Bartlett, Nicholas Petersen, Skypiper, Barter the Trigger, Alphabet, Scarecrow Rental, Eustace, Tie These Hands, Never Luke, Life's Last Breath, Hercules, Raising Atlantis, Back When, Go Crash Audio, Anniversaire, and many others.

Our parents for driving us to practices and later, trusting us enough to let us go to practices and play shows in and out of town. Cody's parents for letting us practice in their garage and their basement. Chris' dad for helping him deliver phone books when he was 13 so that he could buy his first guitar. Brad's parents for letting us practice and play shows in their basement. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jesus Christ for keeping us safe all these years and for giving us His love. We played our absolute loudest as often as possible and it was the faintest, faintest, faintest, faintest, pin drop of expression compared to how loud and wonderful His love is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love you all. We'll miss you. Thank you.
May patience lead you out.


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Akita-Ken Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Turn
this is not a carousel
this is not a proper kill
this is life a special hell

is it possible i'm wrong?
and Heaven's clues are in the songs
that make me break festering swells?

the cataclysmic interstate
where we get off the narrow straight
in vessels made to speed our fate
i'll swerve the line upon the ground
to blur the sights and screech the sound
and turn the universe around

come into us
come into us
come into us
Track Name: Spirit Song
the slightest foe
the sorest truth be told
intellectuality compresses to align

we're not of a strange accord
we reign in flames
a system of a single core
and hearts restored

i can't be like this
like cigarettes and ashes
let's make this last forever
we're not backin' down
not backin' down

the sterile zones and megaphones
are sayin' the same thing
"Just let it out! Just scream it out!
Just sing it out!"
Track Name: Check the Wreckage
it's hard to see through all the blurs
of rain and fears combined
this love was mine, but it wasn't hers
i've given up, i've given over

(there are more to dreams
than what meets the eye)
i can't begin to even try
(there are more to dreams
in our naked lives)
my hands are open towards the sky

what can i be if i have not love?
does this render me a robot?
i'm punchin' in and i'm punchin' out
all the hopes that i had thought about

i lie alone for this one
i hate making up love
turn, bend, spill, spin
i still have questions
how could you?
and how could i?
Track Name: Own the Sky
my tongue is squirmin' in my teeth
it twists and circles 'til it bleeds
if i could only set it free

oh, shy in soul am i

my dreams are losin' out to greed
as wants are feedin' on my needs
i've lost the urge to disagree

oh, shy in soul am i
that i could ever watch this die
in hands of those that wouldst deny
my chance to ever own the sky

the same stall
the same crawl
you never have to feel that dull
the hate grows
the shame swallows
you never have to deal with those
Track Name: Daydreams in Limbo
oh, my dear you are my fears
you pierce my heart
with the deepest brown spheres
i know you ain't got the time
to dance with me
you're always reading
i want to lay with you
under the light of your patronus
i don't have the magic in me
but you've got it in you
inside my t.v.

still, the world just turns away
and leaves me here to pray
that when it comes around again
i won't still be this way

i can not believe that i still dream like i'm 13
reality reaches out for me
dammed at the gates of my daydreams
i pick up my arms to serve my King
i'm sorry friends, i have to leave
Track Name: WakiTaki
this isn't how it should go
i wanna feel it, but i just can't grow
say would you like to sing to me
when all i want is you to breathe
a single moment that could mean something else

if i can only give you what you know
then let go

this isn't how it should fold
i wanna save it but i just can't hold
trestle work is shakin', sullen
swollen at the bases, breakin' up
a single movement and we lean somewhere else

if i can only live in what i know
then why go?
why try?
why hold?
why fight it all?

we can't back up words that we can't speak
so know your speech
we can't build up strongholds in this heat
so cool your feet
Track Name: Under Your Eyes
i am a war held high on a pedestal
driving hard like a vehicle
programmed only to scream like hell
it's been a cold day under the blazing sun
i can't shelter what i have done
until my eyes have recognized Your spell

cause hearts beat faster when in disaster

i am a sickness, so unagreeable
starving, but still so unteachable
destined to swim in the deepest hell
we are nothing, we're just a spectacle
searching for something that's tangible
within our lies under Your eyes we fell

cause hearts beat faster when in disaster

so please, so please, please
whirlwind, throw me down again
lightning, strike me down again
flash flood, let me drown again
Father, break my heart again

Father, i am ready to begin
Track Name: Tetherball
too comfortable to make a move
to throw a punch at the world
it's pitiful, irresponsible
but correctable with time

on a solid line
i'll climb

tetherball, coming 'round again
you might wanna watch your head
i'll stand, i'll strive
we live, we climb

on a solid line
we climb
as if we're so inclined
to try

but who is this man
that even the wind and the seas obey Him?

time travel is now
patience lead us out
Track Name: Limits of Love
the heart is weak
it celebrates inactive hate
oh, when love is fake
sweet embraces, sweaty kisses
raise the stakes
take what you can take

oh, catacombs of possibilities
but you kill them daily

frivolous force to beat a dying horse
esophagus attempts to make a sound
oh, how i love you

she'll raise you up
prior to stomping you in earth
oh, see what you're worth
a love embargo ends
with compromise in hurt
buckle your belts, cause here it comes

an epilogue she'd written all along
esophagus attempts to scream it out

oh, how i love you
it's more than last time
why would you leave me?
why can't you save me?
my love has limits
when i see the future
you blur my vision
you thunderstorm her
Track Name: Galadriel
i stand on my front porch
and wait for miracles
but they "fail" me
i want to marry you
if you'd like me to
i could love you true

get out of my head if you could
get out of my heart if you could

cause we all want what we can't have
it makes us who we are
and we all want what we should not have
but i will take this far
as far as i can
Track Name: Black and Laced
lights out
i need to get some sleep
and dream about
the things i wanna be
cause that it how
i move on, move on, move on
the time is now
to move on, move on, move on

black and laced
a memory embraced
the battle axe
the blood in steps retraced
remember how
i moved on, moved on, moved on
the time was now
to move on, move on, move on

we will make it out
we will make it out
we will make it out
we will make it out
Track Name: Fake the Damage
sink or stand
the concept an illuminant
options reside in your hands
reachin' land to embrace a relief
our exceptions are not in our plans

"don't be alone"

i am ankle-deep, takin' a chance
on the fact that i can't fake the damage
you inflict and i give you the slip
cause i don't like, don't like you, don't like you

don't wanna be alone
"don't be alone"
"don't be alone"
don't, yeah, don't
don't make me be alone